Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ava has good taste

I just had to share some pictures of Ava using the quilt and blanket I made for her. It's nice to know the things I made are loved and are being used. I know it was mom that really chose to use them, but I'd like to think that Ava likes them too! LOL

And here's a more recent picture of her. She's three weeks old today, although it seems like she's been with us forever.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A granddaughter is born

Welcome to the world Miss Ava Grace. She was born at 6:43 this morning. Both mom and baby are doing fine. Emily was in labor less than 8 hours and only had to push for about 15 minutes.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

An Afternoon at the Park

Emily and I went to our local state park this afternoon to do a little walking. We thought it might help get her labor started. It didn't work but we walked about two miles and had a great time. We did see lots of nice boats on the lake.

This looks like just a pile of dead wood, but on that top branch is a chipmunk, literally out on a limb! LOL

The river and trees were so pretty today, and it was a great day for walking in the woods.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Emptying boxes

Yesterday was the big day, and while we did have a few hiccups along the way to deal with, I did get moved into my new place.

I never could have done it without the help of two of Emily's friends, both young and strong and with way more energy than I had.

This is just one small bunch of boxes...believe me there were lots more all over the place!

And yes...I drove the U-Haul truck and did a fine job. I even had to back it up a few times and I never ran into anything! LOL Now all that's left is to unpack everything and get it organized. That's going to take some time, but I did make great progress today. I'll try to post pictures once I get everything sorted out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Moving day

Well, my moving day is almost here, and I'll be driving one of these tomorrow. I've never driven a moving van before, but it can't be that hard, right? LOL Thankfully I have two of Emily's friends to help me with the heavy stuff and with carrying all the boxes I've been packing up for months now. It's going to be wonderful to be moved into my own apartment, and I can't wait to start unpacking and settling in. :0)

In other news, yesterday Emily and I worked on getting the baby's room set up. She only has three more weeks until her due date, so little Ava could make an appearance any time now. At least she has a bed to sleep in when she gets home.

Emily wanted to hang up all the cards she got at her baby shower, so we strung some twine up and used mini clothes pins to attach the cards to the twine. We both love how it came out and it really brightens up the room. I'll be making a wall quilt with the baby's name on it for the other wall after I get moved and unpacked.