Friday, October 31, 2014

Another New Month it just me, or are the months just flying by! Tomorrow is November 1 (how did that happen?) and therefore time for the next installment of the Charming Stars sew-along. If you're keeping pace, it's time to make four more star blocks. I've actually got 14 blocks made now, but I feel like I'm way behind because I want to make this big enough for my bed. That means I need 90 blocks total...45 star blocks and 45 nine patch blocks. I think I'd better get busy! LOL

I've already seen some finished quilts around blogland, which is really cool. And if you're just starting out with the sew-along, that's OK too. 

And here's a little candle mat I made for a friend of mine. I did some things differently on this one than I have in the past. I pieced a square for the star, then cut it out and machine appliqued it to the backing. Then I shadow quilted around the star again and again and again. I think it looks OK, but it was a lot of sewing. And then because I didn't quilt in the border, it made the edges a bit wavy. Oh well...we live and learn, right? :0)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More things to put on my walls

When I was making my barn quilt, and had leftover triangles, I immediately thought to ask Janet if she wanted them. She did, and offered to make me a mini-ornament from some of the fabric in return for the triangles. Well, she sent me not one but two beautiful little quilt block ornaments. They're the brown ones you can see below...the green one she sent a while back after I sent her my leftover triangles from my Goodnight Irene quilt. And I'm so happy I finally found a place to hang them! I've had this cute wire hanger for ages, but never found a use for it. Now I have, and I love it! I just need to find a couple other things to hang from the other two hooks. You can see a better picture of the ornies on Janet's blog HERE. Thank you so much Janet! :0)

I was sorting through some things in the basement this morning, and I found this owl cross stitch my grandmother made many years ago. It was framed at one time, but now I just have the cross stitch piece. It's a bit dirty so the first thing I'll do is give it a soak and see if I can get it to come clean. If not I may tea stain it a bit, since there's a definite stain on it to the right of the one branch. Then I can figure out what I want to make this into...probably a small wall quilt. Gram's gone now, so it will have extra special meaning once it's done and on the wall.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Twirls & Swirls

I follow the Missouri Star Quilting Company on Facebook, and this morning I came across another great tutorial with Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles. I'm definitely saving this one in my favorites, and I'm thinking it might just be our next sew-along once we're done with the charming stars. I already know I want to make mine scrappy! :0)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Colors

One of my favorite ways to photograph fall leaves is with them backlit by the setting sun. I say setting sun because in my front yard with my maple tree, that's when it's backlit by the the sun is setting. I happened to look out the front window late this afternoon and I just had to grab my camera and snap a few photos. I do love these vibrant fall colors! :0)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Little Bit Drunk

I've always loved all the variations of the Drunkard's Path block. So when I came across this quilting book, I knew I had to have it!

This is the first quilt I want to make...I really love this one!

And I think this might be the second...although I know neither of these is happening anytime soon. I must finish up some other projects before I start anything new (famous last words! LOL)

And I just had to share a few pictures of the maple tree in our front yard. This morning the sun was shining on it, and with the blue sky behind, it was just so pretty! I love seeing the tree's shadow on the grass too! :0)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Getting ready for colder weather

I just bought a new pair of coveralls for winter. The last ones I bought a few years ago were a men's 2X, and I had to shorten them a bunch to make them even come close to fitting. The ones I bought tonight are a ladies large and they fit perfectly! If someone had told me then, that in a few years my behind would fit in a ladies size large, I'd never have believed them! LOL Oh...and I bought a coat to go with them! And yes...they're purple! :0)

Obviously that's not me in the photo...this is just an image I found online so I could show you what I bought. I can't wait to wear them! :0)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Silvia and David

Many years ago, I joined an online group of crafters, and met Silvia. We emailed back and forth and became good online friends. But with her living in England and me living in the US, there wasn't really much chance of us ever meeting in person. Then one day she said she was going to be coming to the US to a wool festival in New York State. The place the festival was being held was only about 8 hours from where I live, so I told her if nothing else, we could meet halfway in between or something. Well, things just weren't working out to meet up, so I kind of forgot about it. Until she posted on Facebook that she was in Florida. Then I told her I would drive to New York if I had to...we'd most likely never be this close to one another again! A few days later I had a message from her saying they would be happy to drive to my house, if I didn't mind putting them up for a night. So on Tuesday afternoon, I finally "met" Silvia and David. We were both a bit nervous about meeting in person, but we hit it off right away and had a lovely two days visiting and getting to know one another better. On Wednesday we went to Amish Country. Here's me and Silvia in front of a small covered bridge in Charm, Ohio.

And this is Silvia with David. He was so good to put up with our shopping all day!

At the one farmer's market, we found orange and purple cauliflower! We'd never seen such a thing! LOL

And here is Silvia after we got back with the Amish quilt she bought. It's beautiful and such a wonderful souvenir from her trip to Ohio.

I was good and didn't buy any fabric while we were shopping. I did grab this sewing machine cover, but David and Silvia bought it for me. Now I'll think of them every time I sit down to sew and take the cover off my machine.

Silvia and David left this morning to go on to New York for the wool festival, and I miss them already. I loved every minute I got to spend with them, and I'm so thankful I had the chance to spend time with them and get to know them better. :0)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Charming Stars Variation

The other day I spent some time sewing, and I have a total of eight charming star blocks made now. I'm so happy I decided to use my Kansas Troubles fabric for this quilt! I really love how it looks.

I had planned to just put my blocks together, like they're laid out above, without the sashing. Then the other day I saw a quilt that had plain nine patch blocks between the stars. I really liked that, so I made up a few nine patch blocks this morning to see how it would look done that way. I think this is definitely the way I'm doing mine now. I do love it with just the star blocks, but I think the nine patch blocks in between make it a bit less busy. And since I'm hoping to make this one king sized, it will speed things up making half of the blocks the nine patches. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Secret Sewing and Lunar Eclipse

Just a quick warning...the first picture is intentionally blurry, just in case the person I'm making this for checks out my blog. I don't think she does, but you never know. I'm hoping this one goes together quickly. And's a brand new start, even though I have three (OK...three dozen) other things I'm working on right now! LOL

And I was up early this morning, even though I had the day off from work. There was a lunar eclipse starting around 5:15. I know this is a terrible picture, but it's the best I could do with my camera. Anyway, I'm glad I got up to see it because it was really cool!

I did manage to get two more charming star blocks made the other day. I have eight total made now. I'll have to get a picture of those soon to show you.

Friday, October 3, 2014

What happens when I tidy up

The other day when I finished the little cross stitch wall hanging, I needed a hanger for it. So I just used the hanger I'd had this little stitchery on, and I laid the stitchery in my sewing corner. Well, today in an effort to tidy things up a bit, I decided to do something with this stitchery. I found a little hanger I had, but using it meant I had to add a sleeve to the back of the stitchery. I started digging through my fabric and lo and behold I found a piece of the fabric I had used for the backing and binding on this one. So a sleeve was made and attached and now it's hanging in the spare room.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Super-Sized Chicken

I sat last night and sewed up my new chicken pincushion and gave her two button eyes. Next thing I knew she was out on the deck getting some fresh air! LOL I love this chicken...I've been wanting to make one with selvages for a long time. I have no idea why I waited so was so easy! This one started with two 6-1/2 inch squares, so she's about twice the size of a normal chicken pincushion.

I've seen some with crazy hair online and that's what I wanted to do with this one. I love how it came out. Although she's been shedding all over my sewing corner. Or should I say molting? LOL

And here she is next to my other chicken pincushion. You can see the size difference. If you want to make one of these for yourself, you can find the instructions HERE.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lots of Stuff

There are several things I need to talk about today. First of all...a special thank you goes out to Julie. I found a lovely surprise in my mail today from her...a small box containing a beautiful jelly roll of batiks! I love batiks and have been collecting a few bits here and there. I have them all together in one fabric tub so when the time is right, I'll have them all together to make a batik quilt. And now I'll have these beautiful strips to add to the mix. Thank you so much truly made my day! :0)

Also I need to announce the winner of my strips and selvages giveaway. I did the random number thingy and the winner is Sandie! Congratulations Sandie and thanks to you all for being willing to take a wee bit of my stash off my hands!

Now, since today is the first of October (how did THAT happen? LOL) it's time to think about making the next four blocks in the charming stars sew-along. I have been busy with other things, but I hope to get a few more blocks made for my quilt this weekend. If you're sewing along with us, you should try to make four more blocks this month, or as many or as few as you want...whatever works for you. I'll be adding a new linky for October yet this evening, so feel free to add your name to that once you post your blocks for October on your blog.

I think that's it for now. Stay tuned...I have a chicken to finish tonight, so she may make an appearance on my blog tomorrow! LOL