Thursday, February 26, 2015

Little Log Cabins

Last night I was sitting at the computer and decided I needed to make a new candle mat for the top of my printer. I looked through my stash and then remembered some printed fabric I had bought a LONG time ago, that was little log cabin blocks. So I found it, cut a piece the right size, found backing, quilted it and did the binding in about half an hour. It's nothing fancy, and as with all printed panels it's not printed on the straight of the grain, so it might be just a wee bit wonky. But I can live with that. And it's nice to have finally use a bit of this fabric for something after so long.

Here's another great book I just finished. This one is about some Amish who came to America back in 1737. I thoroughly enjoyed it! :0)

When Anna Konig first meets Bairn, the Scottish ship carpenter of the "Charming Nancy," their encounter is anything but pleasant. Anna is on the ship only to ensure the safe arrival of her loved ones to the New World. Hardened by years of living at sea, Bairn resents toting these naive farmers--dubbed "Peculiars" by deckhands--across the ocean. As delays, storms, illness, and diminishing provisions afflict crew and passengers alike, Bairn finds himself drawn to Anna's serene nature. For her part, Anna can't seem to stay below deck and far away from the aloof ship's carpenter, despite warnings. 
When an act of sacrifice leaves Anna in a perilous situation, Bairn discovers he may not have left his faith as firmly in the past as he thought. But has the revelation come too late? 
Amish fiction favorite Suzanne Woods Fisher brings her fans back to the beginning of Amish life in America with this fascinating glimpse into the first ocean crossing as seen through the eyes of a devout young woman and an irreverent man. Blending the worlds of Amish and historical fiction, Fisher is sure to delight her longtime fans even as she attracts new ones with her superb and always surprise-filled writing.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scrappy Snowballs

Now these are the kind of snowballs I like! All the blocks I had on my design wall were sewn together a week or so ago. Today I added a row to the side and bottom. I'm going to keep making blocks and adding rows until I run out of my little scrap squares, and by the look of the pile I have, that won't be any time soon. Right now I have 80 blocks sewn together, and it's already a nice lap size. I started on more snowball blocks today, so hopefully tomorrow I can work on those and maybe add a couple more rows to this.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Paying It Forward

Back in November, I was reading Jo's blog and she had posted about doing a PIF. For those of you that don't know, PIF stands for Pay It Forward. And in blogland that means someone makes a gift for you, and then you make a gift for three people, and each of them makes a gift for three people, and so on. Well, I hadn't done a PIF in quite a while, so I signed up. And yesterday I got a lovely surprise in the mail from Jo all the way from Australia! Look at this beautiful project folder she made for me...those little HSTs are only one inch square...and there are so many of them! I just love it Jo...thank you so much! :0)

The inside has a pocket on each side to hold all kinds of things, and she also sent along some tea and hazelnut latte for me.

And look at these wonderful little scissors and the adorable scissors fob on them! I just love it all so much. Thank you again Jo for being so generous! :0)

And now it's my turn to pay it forward. If you're interested in taking part, just leave a comment on this post. If more than three people want to take part, I'll draw names to see who gets to play along. You must have an active blog, and you must be willing to make gifts for three people within a few months of receiving your PIF from me. International bloggers are welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And please remember, if you're a no-reply blogger, you must leave your email in your comment so I can contact you. If I can't contact you, I won't be able to include you. :0)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another finish for February

This is the second quilt I got back from Joanne the other day. I was able to get the binding put on it last night, and today I got it washed and dried. I'm really happy to have another finish for this month.

I've also been making more nine-patch and snowball blocks for the sew-along. How's everyone coming with their blocks this month? It was brought to my attention that I messed up the links for the sew-along instructions, so here they are again. You can find directions (if you need them) HERE and HERE and HERE. Shannon...I tried to reply to you but you came up as a no-reply blogger.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The end of the charming stars

I'm so happy to have this quilt all finished! It's definitely one of my all time favorites. Between the Kansas Troubles fabrics and the stars, I just love it. And speaking of Kansas Troubles fabrics, I used up 6-1/2 charm packs and several fat quarters on this one. That was my use up a bunch of my KT charm packs, and I certainly did that. Thank you to Joanne for a wonderful quilting job on this one. :0)

I got another quilt back from scrappy nine patch quilt. I hope to get the binding on that one tomorrow and then I'll show you it too.

Monday, February 9, 2015

More snowballs

Well, after ten days of feeling like death, I'm finally starting to feel human again. I can honestly say I don't ever remember being so sick in my life. And I hope I never am again. So now that I'm feeling better, I decided to do a bit of sewing. I started yesterday and continued today and ended up making 30 more snowball blocks and 25 more nine-patch blocks. My design wall is full now, so I guess I'll have to lay the blocks out on the floor after this. I can't wait to start sewing some of these blocks together! :0)

I wanted to mention something, for those of you that are new to the sew-along. The linky think on my sidebar is to link up to when you post the blocks you made for the month. You'll link to that specific post on your blog...not just to your blog in general. I didn't put up a list of everyone participating this time. I figured it will be just as easy for people to click on the linky thing links to find out what everyone has been doing. I hope that makes sense!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Another great book

I do believe I've read every book this author has written, and I've loved them all. I find her stories enchanting, and I think this is one of her best.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Garden Spells comes a story of the Waverley family, in a novel as sparkling as the first dusting of frost on new-fallen leaves...

It's October in Bascom, North Carolina, and autumn will not go quietly. As temperatures drop and leaves begin to turn, the Waverley women are made restless by the whims of their mischievous apple tree... and all the magic that swirls around it. But this year, first frost has much more in store.

Claire Waverley has started a successful new venture, Waverley’s Candies. Though her handcrafted confections—rose to recall lost love, lavender to promote happiness and lemon verbena to soothe throats and minds—are singularly effective, the business of selling them is costing her the everyday joys of her family, and her belief in her own precious gifts.

Sydney Waverley, too, is losing her balance. With each passing day she longs more for a baby— a namesake for her wonderful Henry. Yet the longer she tries, the more her desire becomes an unquenchable thirst, stealing the pleasure out of the life she already has.

Sydney’s daughter, Bay, has lost her heart to the boy she knows it belongs to…if only he could see it, too. But how can he, when he is so far outside her grasp that he appears to her as little more than a puff of smoke?

When a mysterious stranger shows up and challenges the very heart of their family, each of them must make choices they have never confronted before. And through it all, the Waverley sisters must search for a way to hold their family together through their troublesome season of change, waiting for that extraordinary event that is First Frost.

Lose yourself in Sarah Addison Allen's enchanting world and fall for her charmed characters in this captivating story that proves that a happily-ever-after is never the real ending to a story. It’s where the real story begins.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Starting another month

So, it's not been a very good week here. On Tuesday my daughter and I both went to see the doctor. She had tonsillitis and I had sinusitis. The good news is she started getting better right away. The bad news is I got worse...much, much worse. For three days I did nothing but sleep and cough. I could barely get off the couch to get a drink. I couldn't eat, although I was hungry. It's all been so strange...I've never been this sick before in my life. Thankfully now on the fifth day, I feel like I might actually be starting to get better.

I know you're all expecting the start of the sew-along to be posted today, so I'm going to try. If I leave something out, just ask. My brain still isn't working quite right. I believe I already mentioned the plan is to make 99 blocks, 50 nine-patch blocks and 49 Snowball blocks. Of course you can make as many or as few as you wish. But with that plan in mind, our monthly goal for each of the first five months will be to make 9 nine-patch blocks and 9 snowball blocks. Technically these blocks will make up the first two rows of you quilt. Of course you don't have to make them into rows yet if you don't want to. But that's how I broke it down to get the number of blocks to make each month.

I'm sure you remember there are several options on this quilt.

And if you need the specific instructions, you can find them HERE and HERE. I've also made a button and have added it to my sidebar. You can grab it from there to add to your blog if you like. I'll try to get a linky thing for February set up sometime today.