Sunday, September 20, 2015

A little bit of a facelift

When we bought our house 15 years ago, it had blue shutters and blue porch railings. Earlier this year my son redid the porch and it made the house look so much better that I decided we needed to do something with the shutters. I considered taking them down and painting them, but several of them were falling apart so it just seemed simpler (though more expensive) to buy new ones. They came in this week and today we got the new ones put up. Here's a picture of the one window before...

And after, with the new black board and batten shutters up. I absolutely love how they look!

Here's an old picture of the house with the blue porch...boy did my flowers look good back then! LOL

And here's the front of the house today. I need to work on the flowerbeds yet, but the house itself looks so much better! :0)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Late Summer Flowers

I planted morning glories three years ago, and they've come back every year since then. They tend to take over the flowerbed, but they're so pretty I have a hard time getting rid of them.

I planted sunflower seeds in pots on the deck this year. The first one has bloomed finally and has already attracted a little butterfly.

I bought two combination planters for on the deck this spring. I like them there because they attract butterflies and hummingbirds. I remembered to fertilize them this summer and they're still looking pretty good.

Still no sewing here. It's been three months now without a stitch. Well, I have done some mending, but I don't think that really counts! LOL