Thursday, February 25, 2016

Our week in the sun

Sorry I haven't posted anything about our little vacation sooner. Life has been crazy. But better late than never, right? LOL

We saw this palm tree in Georgia on the way down. I love how it looked like a big pineapple!

One of my favorite pictures of the beach. It was really windy the first few days we were there and waves were pretty big for the gulf.

They were rebuilding the one pier at the beach so we couldn't go out on it. Of course that didn't stop the birds from roosting on it.

The one day we went up to Tampa to see manatees in the wild. On the one side of the observation deck there were at least 100 of them floating around. On the other side there were at least two mommas with their babies. This is one of them...the baby was so little.

Our last day at the beach it finally got warm enough to wear just a t-shirt and capris.

And we were finally able to get our toes in the water without freezing! :0)

We had the warmest weather of the trip on our first day heading back home. It got up to 79 in Georgia! I could learn to live with temps like that year round! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life's A Beach

At least it is for us this week! :0)