Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Already?

Well, I completely missed posting anything in November. Some days I wonder if I should even keep this blog going. I guess it doesn't hurt if it just sits here but at the same time why have it if I'm not going to post on it.

Anyway, I have a baby quilt to make. I'm using cheater fabric because I don't know if the quilt will be taken care of or not, and I hated to spend a lot of time sewing if it was just going to get trashed (long story). I found some cute flannel and decided to just use the two layers of flannel and tie them together. I think it's going to be adorable when it's done.

I decided it was time for a new Christmas tree this year. I've always loved Alpine trees and since I'm in an apartment now, it just made sense to go with the smaller tree. It's all decorated in turquoise and silver...that's new for this year too. Once Christmas is over I'll take the ornaments off and leave the tree where it's at with just the white lights on it.

I've been desperately trying to get back to Florida for a vacation, and I've finally managed to get a place booked for April. This little apartment is right across the street from the beach. I have a feeling I'm not going to want to leave once I get there! lol

And I couldn't post without adding a picture of Ava. She'll be four months old on Friday.


  1. Oh Terry, I often wonder the same thing about my blog. It's like you say though, it doesn't hurt for it to just sit here until we are ready to share more.

    I think the fabrics you selected for the baby quilt are nice. So what if it is cheater, you made the right decision based on what you know or don't know about what kind of care will be involved. The gift should be appreciated anyway.

    I love the turquoise and silver decorations on your tree. And pencil trees are all the rage, I hear.

    Where in Florida will you be? I hope you have a great and relaxing time.

    Cute, Ava! It will be fun watching her with all the Christmas lights and activity.

  2. Your little Ava is adorable! ANd I really like your tree. We have two pencil trees and they are perfect. We can stick them in a closet under the stairs, fully decorated when we're finished with them. I think your little quilt looks quite cozy and nice.

  3. Good to hear from you, Terry.
    Those flannels will make a cute baby quilt.
    I like Alpine trees, too (as the several scattered about the house will attest). And I think it will be very cozy to have it there after the holidays.
    Ava looks very sweet. : )

  4. Hi Terry--nice to see you--
    love that grandbaby--she is sooo sweet--
    and cute baby blanket sewing--
    and I want to join you in that cute cottage on the beach--
    I live only 2 miles from the beach as a crow flys--but it takes a while to actually get there by car--and I don't drive--sooo--here I sit--at least I enjoy the river!!
    love and laughter, di and Merry Christmas--
    love that tree--I also love alpine trees--

  5. Nice to see a post from you. The little beach cottage looks so cute. Love your tree. Ava is beautiful. Hugs,xx

  6. Your post has a very "Florida" feel to it - turquoise ornaments, beach place, blues and greens of the baby quilt!! You must be getting in the beach mode already. ;-) How can little Ava be 4 months old already? How are you going to be away from her while you are in Florida???

  7. Oh wow. 4 months. Gee that has gone so quick... blogging can get away from you at times but it is there if you have the time for a read and a journal... look forward to planning that holiday.

  8. Wow Ava is growing like a weed,M hard to believe she is 4 months. What a doll.

    Speaking of Florida we just flew home from there yesterday. Had to go for the grandson's 4 th bday.

    Your flannel is very pretty. You should make a self binding blanket with it. It's a quick project. Google self binding blanket and you will find a Missouri star quilt YouTube video. Easy pasy!

  9. That will be something to look forward to :) have fun making the quilt

  10. Ava is getting so big, you will miss her so much while you are in Fl. I hope I can see you while you are down. Love the tree I did a different one this year too. Many hugs, Marie

  11. I like the fabrics for your baby quilt a lot. I want a new slimmer tree also, where did you get yours? Are you going to Florida alone? Something great to look forward to after our loooong winters!

  12. Your tree is so cute. My DIL has a blue tree too. We are getting a blast of cold here today. But it's been mostly nice weather, in the 70's so far. Ava is so sweet. My grandbaby turned 5 months old ;-)

  13. Nice to see you Terry, and little Ava too of course :-) Hope the quilt goes well. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  14. very pleased your still blogging............your tree is beautiful and OMG she is growing so fast......

  15. Merry Christmas sweet friend. what a great year and I know Christmas will be special with Ava..................... Love our friendship. Hugs, Marie

  16. Nice to hear from you! Ava has really grown and is a cutie. Can you believe she's four months already? Sewing a sweet little quilt is a very thoughtful thing and nice for you to have some sewing time before you run off to beautiful Florida and leave us in the cold! Lol. Happy New Year. All the best, my friend. Hugs.


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