Monday, June 5, 2017

Mother's Day fun

I know Mother's Day was weeks ago, but I'm just now getting a chance to sort out pictures. Brian was over and decided to put batteries in every toy that Ava had that could make noise. Thankfully the one toy had a wiring problem because even with new batteries it wouldn't work! lol

Then Brian was trying to show Ava how to walk behind her new push toy. He tried to show her how to crawl one time too but she wasn't too impressed.

She was impressed however when he took her out and showed her how to play in my water fountain. I wasn't so happy about it. I'll have a job keeping her out of it this summer.

The other day I got the rocking cow out of the garage and gave it a good washing so Ava could play with it. My kids played on it when they were little, so it's kind of cool that Ava is playing with it now.

Today Ava's cousin from Connecticut came by with her mom and dad. Sarah is only about two months older than Ava is and the two girls got along great.