Saturday, October 21, 2017

Our Week Away

We recently spent a week on the beautiful Gulf coast of Florida. It's so peaceful and relaxing there.

The first night Ava was a bit uncertain about the water. I think the waves scared her a bit. But after that first night she ran straight for the water every time we went to the beach.

We had to keep an eye out for jellyfish. They were washed up on the beach and were in the water too. It was definitely not something any of us wanted to step on.

Ava's other favorite pastime besides playing in the water was playing in the seashells. She would have sat like that all day if we had let her.

And of course there were so many beautiful seabirds all over the beach. This heron was just one that let me take its picture.

Here's one of the many beautiful sunsets we got to see during the week. If you look to the left of the pier you can see the band of rain that had already passed over us earlier.

We were fortunate enough to have an outdoor shower where we were staying. They had a lower faucet too for just washing off your feet, and it became Ava's favorite thing at the condo. We started calling her the faucet hog because she'd never let any of us in to wash our feet off! lol