Wednesday, November 15, 2017

T-shirts and batiks

I recently agreed to make a t-shirt quilt for a friend of mine for her daughter. This is the top which has been sent to Joanne for quilting. Not the best picture but I had to snap it quickly before Ava attacked the quilt top again!

I've been wanting to make a batik quilt for some time now. I had decided about a year ago I wanted to make a blue and green batik quilt. But when I got out my tub of batiks I realized I had a lot of smaller pieces that were neither blue nor green. So I decided to first make a scrappy nine patch quilt with all the odds and ends of batiks I have. Then maybe after that I'll finally get around to making a blue and green batik quilt. The pile of squares on the right has doubled in size. Now I need to get busy and get some of the background fabric cut so I can sew whenever I have a minute or two.


  1. Love the t-shirt quilt and the batik scrappy quilt will be beautiful.

  2. The t-shirt quilt looks really good.
    I have a piece of that fabric you have in the front. I have wondered how to describe it. In some places it looks like baby footprints and in other places it seems more like DNA strands. It is an interesting fabric. I love batiks. This will be very cool!

  3. It looks good all in purple. Have fun making the batik quilt, it will look fantastic

  4. Your T shirt quilt turned out nicely. Those batiks will make such a pretty quilt. Of course, I find scrappy makes the best quilts.

  5. Wow, that t-shirt quilt is great! Alice would like it, being purpler and all :) I still need to make one... got the t-shirts saved up, now to find the time! xx

  6. The T Shirt quilt looks great...
    Have fun playing with your batiks..


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