Friday, June 1, 2018

Rainbows and Road Trips

I wish I had some sewing to show you, but I don't. One of these days I'll get back to it. I do have a rainbow to share with you though. We had a pretty strong storm the other day and then the sun popped out and this was the result. The rainbow went clear across the sky but I could only get half of if in one photo.

Last week my mom, dad, Emily, Ava and I went to Georgia to visit my niece. We hadn't seen her in over five years since she moved down there, so I made reservations to fly down. Now mom had never flown and she was totally against it at the beginning. But by the time we were ready to go, she was too and she actually loved flying. 

This is the Hartwell Dam at the south end of Lake Hartwell. It's a huge dam...the biggest I've ever seen in person.

And here are the five of niece Kate, mom, me, Ava and Emily. Grandpa was taking the picture. We had such a nice visit and can't wait to go back again. :0)


  1. From the photos, it looked like you all had a great time. Hope it won't be five more years before you all go back

  2. Yes it was a great trip. Thanks for making me fly. I am sure I could do it again.

  3. Lovely!!!! I miss Georgia, lived there for awhile and really loved it. Glad you got your mum to fly!!

  4. Beautiful rainbows. Nice that your family could enjoy traveling together. Your summer is off to a good start.

  5. I'll bet it was a fabulous trip for all. Love the group picture. I can't believe how big Ava has gotten.

  6. What fun...enjoyed your pictures


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