Thursday, March 28, 2019

A new bed and maybe some sewing

Ava has been growing like a weed, and her crib was definitely getting too small for her. So yesterday the crib came down and Ava's big girl bed went into her room. She had to try out the mattress when it was still on the living room floor.

And then while I was trying to get a picture of her in her new bed, she kept fluffing the sheet! lol My dad made this bed for Emily when it was time for her to move up from her crib to a twin bed.

One thing I've been wanting to make for Ava is a wall quilt with her name on it. I made two different ones for Emily over the years. So with the new bedding it seemed like the perfect time to start on the wall quilt. I wanted it to match the bedding so off to the fabric store Ava and I went. Note to self...don't take Ava fabric shopping again. Anything she could reach, she threw into my cart! lol After removing the unwanted items from my cart and trying to keep her in the middle of the aisles where she couldn't reach anything, I finally came home with a jelly roll to use for the borders and a pretty tone on tone for the background behind her name. The three colors I'll use for the letters were in my stash. Now I just have to find the time to actually work on it. :0)

On the cancer front, clinically I'm doing well as there are more good things than bad going on. The real problem now is my white blood cell count. It's low and I can't have any more chemo until it comes back up to where it's supposed to be. But I had a cold for a while and then I had shingles. So I think I used up a lot of my white cells fighting those things off. The doctor said there's nothing I can do to improve the count...just be patient and wait for it to fix itself. Meanwhile I'm now two weeks behind on my third chemo session. Hopefully Monday things will be back where they belong and I'll be able to get my third treatment.


  1. Ava has grown heaps and looks like she'll love her big girl bed.
    Maybe you need to shop for fabrics when Ava can stay home..Looking forward to seeing Ava's name wall hanging..
    Do hope your count is up enough soon so you can continue your chemo.

  2. I remember how excited Emily was for her big girl bed. Ava will love it too I am sure. Prayers your numbers are up on Monday.

  3. Those blood counts can be so frustrating. I hope it comes up soon so you can finish off the treatments.

    Ava IS growing like a weed. No more rest now that she is out of the crib.

  4. Those cute little grand kids seem to grow twice as fast as their parents did when they were little!
    You poor things, shingles are no fun. I couldn’t even get my doctor to give me the shot.
    Hang in there God has a better plan than we’ll ever imagine hugs ()

  5. So cute to see Ava in her big girl bed. Your Dad did a nice job making it. Praying that things will be back on track on Monday.

  6. That's one special bed! Enjoy getting back to the sewing when you get a chance

  7. Hardly seems possible that little Ava is ready for a big girl bed and what a treasure to have Emily's bed that her grandpa made.

  8. Ava is adorable! Hoping your white count returns soon and hoping you can relax and sew a little. Can’t wait to see what you make ❤️

  9. Isn't she a little doll!!!! Looks like she loves her new bed! I used to take my boys to the fabric store all the time - so fun. Praying your white cell count comes up quickly, hon!


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