Sunday, June 9, 2019

Time flies

I can't believe I've been home from the beach for a week already. The time sure did fly by but I have so many wonderful memories of my time there. Here are just a few pictures I want to share with you. The wildlife and scenery is just amazing!

We watched this guy catching fish that had washed up onto the beach in the seaweed.

We took a boat ride our last afternoon and saw this beautiful home along the way. 

The boat ride was actually a dolphin tour and we did see one but just for a few minutes.

This guy was hanging out at the fishing village where all the local fishing boats dock.

And while I haven't done any sewing lately, I have done something crafty. This birdhouse used to be in all country colors...barn red, forest green, and dark blue. I repainted it in colors that more match my decor. 


  1. Glad you had a good time. Pictures are great and the bird house looks a lot more like you now.

  2. So happy you enjoyed your Florida vacation. Nice photos.

    The birdhouse is adorable. Those colors would work in my house, too.

  3. Time flies when you're having fun. You got some lovely photos

  4. Glad you had a good beach getaway!
    The birdhouse looks like colors of water. :)

  5. Enjoyed your photos, I love the your birdhouse. Hope you are feeling ok.

  6. Love your photos, looks like you had a wonderful time!


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