Monday, June 22, 2020

Paint, plants and car trouble

A couple of years ago I inherited a couple of metal patio chairs. They were painted dark green and while they were quite comfortable, the paint was peeling off in places. I decided it was time for them to get a good sanding and a new color, and of course I chose turquoise! Anyone who knows me knows I'm all about the bright beachy colors and turquoise is my absolute favorite. 

Here is my small patio. I bought a potted tree and then decided the tree was lonely so I bought a potted palm tree to keep it company. Not sure what I'll do with them come fall...they'll have to come inside or they'll freeze.

I have a potted rose too...I love the color of this one. I sure do miss all the flowers I used to have, but taking care of these few things is so much easier. lol

And this is what happens when you get home from running errands and there's smoke coming from behind your front tire! Turned out a new brake caliper was needed and thankfully my wonderful son was able to fix it for me yesterday. Lets hope the other three keep working for a very long time.


  1. love the colour of the chair. You've created a lovely little space to sit

  2. Love the chairs and the plants you bought. They sure do make your patio look great. Yes your son is a very helpful person. Glad he could fix it for you.

  3. The chair really came out nice. The color is right down my ally as well. It's great that your son can do those kind of repairs. Wish mine was close by and could help out like that.

  4. Love the chair. Love the colour. And love the plants.

  5. That chair looks very inviting and comfy. And I like the little oasis you have created.
    That is a pretty rose. Does it have a scent?
    I am beginning to wonder what I will do with my raised flower and vegetable beds in a few years. I know I won't be able to keep up with it all forever.
    Nice to have a handy son!

  6. Turquoise is so popular here in West Texas! I think it’s a happy color!


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